Relax, Rejuvenate, Tone & Tighten Yoga Yoga refers to traditional physical and mental disciplines originating in India. The word is associated with meditative practices in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. In Hinduism, it also refers to one of the six orthodox (āstika) schools of Hindu philosophy, and to the goal toward which that school directs its practices. In Jainism it refers to the sum total of all activities—mental, verbal and physical. more details
Feel Great, Look Even Better Pilates Pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates in Germany. It is estimated that there are more than 11 million people who practice the discipline regularly and more than 14,000 instructors in the United States. Pilates called his method Contrology, because he believed his method uses the mind to control the muscles. The program focuses on the core postural muscles which help keep the body balanced. more details
Achieve Your Personal Best Personal Training From time to time, we all need help getting where we need to go. With personal training from PIOMA Performance Fitness, you can specifically target your individual needs. Whether your goal is weight loss, toning, flexibility, pain management, or a sports edge, PIOMA personal training can help. more details
The Magic in Movement Feldenkrais The Feldenkrais method teaches proper body movement. Designed to help alleviate stress and pain, Feldenkrais has greatly improvement lives of people young and old. more details

PIOMA Performance Fitness - Total Body Balance

Complete mind and body fitness for all ages

Since 2006, PIOMA has helped bring physical fitness and improved mental well-being to Middletown, Maryland, just outside of the wonderful city of Frederick. Formerly PIOMA Pilates, PIOMA Performance Fitness recently expanded to include larger and different types of fitness programs.

PIOMA offers Pilates, Yoga, personal training, and the very special Feldenkrais method from certified instructor and PIOMA owner, Janice Long. Come visit us today to learn more about the hands-on fitness programs available to you from PIOMA.

Personal. Affordable. Effective.

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    PIOMA Performance Fitness is proud to have many highly qualified instructors on staff. With a variety of instruction available for all ages and fitness levels, you can be sure you will find what meets your fitness needs at PIOMA. This month's featured instructors are above. Click here to see all of PIOMA's amazing instructors.